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The curtains are closing

I’ve been turning this over and over in my head for weeks and there is no easy way to put it so I’ll cut to the chase; After 5 years of being a band Built On Secrets has come to an end. For some of you this will come as a complete shock since our debut album is barely 6 months old but I hope the below statement sheds some light on the situation:

A few weeks ago we discussed writing a new album that we wanted to have out in the third quarter of 2014. Morale was high but some members sat in silence as we pondered producers and where in America we would like to record it. This was the time when Richard came to us with the good news of him landing his dream job that would ultimately mean he would not have the time off to record another album or continue in the band. The four of us sought out other possible avenues but soon after, Rich’s departure created a domino effect which led Stefan and Luke to follow him leaving only Daniel and myself. At this point is where we threw in the towel. Each member is such a vital part of the band and replacing more than half of them would just not be Built On Secrets. 

Ever since stepping out on stage for the first time at the age of 14 all I ever wanted to do was play music and since then all I did was eat, sleep, breathe and bleed music for the last 11 years of my life.
Built On Secret’s allowed us to travel this amazing country and record our debut album in America - two things I’ve always dreamt of doing. It taught me everything I know and introduced me to the people I will have in my life forever. Sadly with the lack of support the Australian music scene has received over the last few years is the main reason so many bands are breaking up. The financial strain on bands/venues/promoters just becomes too much. To put things in perspective not a single member of Built On Secrets has ever made a cent off what we did, we only toured by putting our own money in and at two-cents per kilometre that the van hire companies charge you can imagine how much money we put in on a full tour just so we could get our music out there.
Keep on supporting our local scene and if you want a band to stick around and be successful then get to as many shows as you can, buy merch and spread the word – they need your help!

To our amazing fans,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are the reason we surpassed our hopes and dreams. Your ongoing support and love has been so overwhelming these last few years and we will never ever forget it. We never did it for the money or the fame, we did it for each and every one of you that bought our CD’s and sang it back even louder than us at a show. We love you all so much, you are family. 

We will be hitting the road one last time with Dance Gavin Dance this November for one final Australian tour. These will be our last shows ever as we look into a final send off in our home town of Melbourne. So come down, hang out and buy all the merch you can before it’s gone forever!
MORE INFORMATION HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/219529904873803/?fref=ts

Thank you everyone for being a part of something that we will never ever forget, It’s been real. 

Eli, Luke, Richard, Aqua and Stefan.
<3 Built On Secrets

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Check out our latest single and the first track on our album ‘The Disconnect’ that is out May 17th in Australia and May 21st worldwide via Artery Recordings

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Built On Secrets - The Disconnect

Built On Secrets - ’The Disconnect’ out worldwide via Artery Recordings May 17th/21st

Track listing:
1. Surrender
2. Breathless
3. Is Anybody Listening?
4. Start Again
5. Sleepwalker
6. Recover/Recovery
7. Chapters
8. The Brightest of Blues
9. Thunderstorms
10. Stepping Stone
11. Dream Chasers

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SLEEPWALKER (Featuring Will Pugh Of Cartel)

Check out our brand new song ‘SLEEPWALKER’ Featuring the amazing Will Pugh of Cartel.

Our debut album 'The Disconnect’ will be available May 17th in Australia and May 21st for the rest of the world via Artery Recordings

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Album & Label Announcement

So the wait is finally over! 
We are SO stoked to finally be able to announce that we have signed a worldwide deal with Artery Recordings and our debut album - “The Disconnect” will be released in Australia on the 17th of May and Worldwide on the 21st of May. We will be premiering a new song this time next week. Check out the video below for a sample of a brand new song! Stay tuned!

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Studio Diary - PT.7 - Fin

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Studio Diary - PT.6 - Vocals

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Studio Diary - PT.5 - Guitars

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Built On Secrets Goes Pop!

So we know you’ve been waiting for some new music from us and since we’re still working on the finer details of getting our album out to you all we thought we’d whip up a little present for you. Enjoy!

And as a early Christmas present for you all you can download it for FREE here by clicking the image on the page.

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year!

<3 Built On Secrets

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Studio Diary - PT.4 - Bass

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Studio Diary - PT.3 - Drums

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We’ve just finished tracking our debut album here at ZK Productions in Atlanta, Georgia. We can’t even begin to describe how happy we are with the end result. Keep your eyes and ears out for news regarding the album over the next few months. We cannot wait to show you all what we’ve done <3

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FREE download of the "Reflections" EP!

We promised a nice little present for y'all on Facebook a few days ago, so here it is.

Our Reflections EP for FREE! Yes that’s right FREE!!!
Just click on the link below and download away!

We also have a lyric video up for our song ‘Beyond The Shadows’

Spread & share this everywhere! Once again we cannot thank all of you enough for your continued support & patience over the past few years as we have been writing & recording our new album. 

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Studio Diary - Part 2 - Pre-Production

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Studio Diary - Part 1

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New Website!

Hey Everybody 

Our new website www.BuiltOnSecrets.com is now active and up and running so keep checking the site to keep up with everything that we are up to in the USA, including being in the studio with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount in Atlanta, recording our debut album!

To keep up to date you can:


@BuiltOnSecrets - http://instagr.am/p/LifeedLCDB/ 

You can also follow us individually on Twitter:

Keep checking back for more updates very shortly, including video’s and loads of pictures!

<3 Built On Secrets

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New website!

We have a new website that will be up very shortly! Get your friends you follow us on tumblr to get live updates on what we are doing in America!

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